Facilitation and Assistance Request Form

Queensland South Native Title Services

* Required

1. Name of person(s) or PBC requesting assistance

2. Contact details of person(s) or PBC requesting assistance

3. Name of group on whose behalf assistance is requested*

4. Description of assistance requested

Please provide a description of the assistance you are requesting and the reason you are requesting it. *

5. Area to which your request relates

Please provide a description of the geographical area to which your request relates. If possible, please also provide a map of the area. The National Native Title Tribunal may be able to provide you with assistance in the preparation of maps and descriptions. *

6. Previous native title claim(s)

Has the group (or a section of it) already or previously filed a native title claim or claims? *

If yes, please complete the application details below. Register of Native Title Applications details are available from the National Native Title Tribunal (nntt.gov.au)

7. Previous assistance from QSNTS

Have you requested assistance and/or funding from QSNTS previously, successfully or otherwise? *

If yes, please provide a brief description of your previous request(s) to QSNTS and/or assistance which has been provided by QSNTS previously:

8. Previous assistance from others:

Have you previously engaged other legal representation, or received advice or assistance with your matter from anyone else? *

If yes, please provide a brief description of the assistance you have previously been provided, and the person(s) who have assisted you:

9. Other claimants:

Are there any other Aboriginal people or groups that you know of who might have, or claim to have, native title rights or interests in the area subject to your request for assistance? *

If yes, please indicate whether you have discussed your matter with those people or groups, and provide some details of your views on these other people or groups:

10. Extra supporting documents

Submit extra documents via email:

If you have any extra documents to support your request, please email them to reception@qsnts.com.au with the subject line: [Your first and last name] - Request for assistance extra documents for [X people]

Email documents

11. Statement of person(s) requesting assistance:

  • I/We confirm that the information in this application is, to the best of my/our knowledge, complete, true and correct.
  • I/We agree to QSNTS requesting further information if necessary for the purposes of assessing this application.
  • I/We understand that in assessing the request QSNTS may consider material in its possession that is relevant to the request.
  • I/We understand that by accepting and assessing this application, QSNTS does not necessarily agree to provide the assistance requested.

Please sign your full name as your signature.


Thank you for your application.

We will be in contact once it has been reviewed.